42nd Street

Bringing Broadway to the world.

As a full-service theatrical production company, it has been nothing short of amazing to be a part of reopening the road and bringing theater back to our presenters and their communities. Like everyone in our business, we are coming back to a changed landscape. I have never been prouder of the team we have at TROIKA Entertainment and how hard-working and dedicated each show’s cast and crew has shown themselves to be. 

Moving audiences to cheers and tears can never be automated or taken for granted. Each production must be created anew, hand-built, and conceived to last for the entire life-span of the show.

Theatre is, at its heart, a profession of people. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our associated producers and presenters, deepening our existing bonds, and forging new collaborations. We believe diversity makes us stronger and we’re committed to being a company that creates an inclusive, global, and welcoming home for all our touring companies, partners, and employees.

Angela Rowles
Chief Executive Officer / Executive Producer